St. Rose05In Construction, PACE Project Management will manage the Architect – Contractor relationship.  Our goal is to preserve the design as you have directed, retain all levels of quality and assure the interpretation by the contractor is of the highest level of understanding.  We will demand weekly notification of release of subcontracts and tier relationships, early identification of materials availability and purchases, delivery scheduling, a project construction schedule supported by a field generated 3-week look ahead that is performance based with resource leveling.  We will conduct meetings weekly with the architect and contractor and his relevant subcontractors to assure the project and all processes are working together.  Subsequent to these meeting we will meet weekly with the owner and the contractor to present updates and issues for resolution. Our effort will be to keep current meeting minutes and required actions that keeps your project on track

Process, unique in all areas, will be our oversight of the change order management process used by the contractor.  With our unique understanding of construction we will present an evaluation of all costs presented and make recommendations to you of the efficiencies, economy and market relevance of the presented changes. Monthly, we will evaluate the application for payment submission to assure that the requested values do not exceed the work in place.  We will monitor closely the distribution of dollars with the assurance that all tiers of involvement are being paid from the dollars “paid-to-date” as defined in the application for payment process.  This would mean a waiver of lien would be required from each entity identified as deserving of payment for work performed. This is your protection for claims made against the project by a sub-subcontractor who performed work in good faith and failed to receive just payment.  This will be a monthly process that ends with a final waiver of lien.